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Triggered lol 
anyways I was dared by Nyan 

1.people being assholes to my friends 
2.people flirting with me 
3.people harassing me or my friends 
4.insulting undertale, FNaF, one piece, Creepypasta, or anything I like 
5.people being rude as fuck 
6.having a radio of random annoying songs playing by my ear constantly (*cough* ALICIA) 
8.not being able to sleep 
9.people singing my favorite songs wrong, hurts my ears 
10.not being on time
11.seeing horrible art or literature (LEMONS ARE FOR LEMONADE PEOPLE) 
12.explicit art and literature on my fave fandoms
Welp I got tagged again, this time by my friends Nyantodamax145 and Macarondulce tagged me and I have to post 100 truths about myself. WELL SHIT. (I don't even know if I have 100 things to write about myself unless if I put plenty of spoilers for my story. Speaking of which, I still need to post chapter 6. I am currently working on chapter 7 tbh.)

1. Real name: Terena Chen (duh XD)
2. Nicknames: dude, I just go with Terena lol
3. Zodiac: monkey
4: male or female: Female
5. Nursery: IDFK
6. Primary school: MSJE (Figure it out yourself; I don't want stalkers)
7. Secondary school: WHJH (I sort of just summed up the letters of my school's full name to, again, avoid being stalked)
8. Hair color: brown
9. Long or short (I'm just gonna assume hair): long
10. Loud or quiet: Bipolar
11: sweats or jeans: Jeggins (or the other option that is nonexistent XD)
12. Phone or Camera: Camera or Camcorder,  but Computer or IPad is my choice
13. Health freak: sort of, no oily stuff of spicy stuff 4 me
14: Drink or smoke: No, I KILL PEOPLE
15: Crush: unless if you are talking about real life, I have a crush on Ticci Toby (No shame)
16. Political Orientation: ........ NO TRUMP
17. Piercings: nope
18. tattoos: nope

Have I ever been in...
19. plane: yes
20: car accident: yes (unfortunately; it's a long story)
21: Fist fight: I START THEM!!! (also boys hate me for that XD)

22. piercing: none
23. bestie: hawtcheeto (on twitter)
24. instrument: i'm tone deaf any I can sing.
25: first award: idk I never keep track of anything
26. First crush: tbh I had a crush on Jeff at age 8 then I saw the internet and found out what shipping was. Also like (not have a crush on) a         few anime boys too, but right now Toby is my personal fave and have a crush on guy (EJ and Liu also caught my eyes too)
27. language: Cantonese
28: Big vacation: Hong Kong at 2 years old

29: person talked to: dad
30. person texted: dragon-roar
31: person watched: Marble Hornets
32. food eaten: dinner (curry with potatoes and lamb)
33. movie watched: Rise of the Guardians (I'm waiting for the FNaF movie though)
34. Song listened to: FADE (ft. Dex and Daina) [Vocaloid song] by VocaCircus
35. bought: mask (Halloween spoopz)
36. hugged: myself

37: food: noodles or WAFFLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
38. drink: water
39. clothing: oversized hoodies, long pants, boots or sneakers, T-shirts underneath, scarves
40. Book: ALL OF TEMMMMMM (geddit? Undertale XDDDD)
41. color: cooler, darker blues (reminds me of how humans can do so less yet so much; yet we always commit sins no matter what.)
42. flowers: Rose (beautiful yet deadly), Bleeding hearts, Forget-me-not (However, we will all be forgotten eventually, no matter what we         do.)
43. Music: Dubstep, electro-swing, also live music (also some Vocaloid ones that hold a lot of dark meaning. I recommend VocaCircus and         EmpathP on YouTube if you want feelz. For Creepypasta and FNaF, go check out Madame Macabre, Mandopony, Trickywi,                             Natewantstobattle, and DAgames. I still like Jacksepticeye and Markiplier though)
44. movie: none
45. subject: (current elective) yearbook

In the past year I have:
47. [X] Kissed (the air) in the Rain (lol dat edit tho XD)
48. [X] Celebrated Halloween
49. []Had Your Heart Broken
50. [] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone
51. [X] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation
52. [X] Used a Weapon (knives on veggies, arms and legs at jerks at school, knives also almost at someone oops)
53. [] Breathed Fire
54. []  Had an Abortion
55. [X] Done Something You Regretted
56. [] Broke a Promise
57. [X] Kept a Secret
58. [X] Pretended to Be Happy (a lot)
59. [X]Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
60. [] Pretended to Be Sick
61. [X] Left the Country
62. [X] Tried Something You Normally Wouldn't Like, and You Liked it (which was get into FNaF and Creepypasta)
63. [] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
64. [X] Ran a Mile
65. [X] Went to the Beach
66. [X]Stayed Single

67. Eating: air
68. drinking: water vapor
69. getting ready to: break something because I got tagged (I'm mad now I still have a shit ton of homework); also planning to draw                 Creepypasta again ^v^
70. listening to: Side Chara(cter) by EmpathP (undertale original)
71. plans for tomorrow: youtube and deviantart, also wattpad and GO TO SLEEP
72. waiting for: a creepypasta to visit me anytime

73. kids: eh
74. married: eh
75. careers: park ranger, scientist, surgeon, biologist

better on guy/girl:
76. Lips or eyes: eyes
77. short/tall: tall
78. romance and spontaneous: idfk
79. nice stomach or arms: NO GET DEM LEGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (Mettaton stahp)
80. sensitive/loud: sensitive
81. hook-up/ relationship: no one #foreveralone
82. troublemaker/hesitant: in between, so person know what's the limit but is willing to pull pranks on and annoy people *cough* HEY             MASKY!!! *cough*

Have I ever:
83. lost glasses/contacts: yes (even if my contacts or glasses were on my face at the time)
84. ran from home: not yet (in minecraft I have)
85. held a weapon in self defense: yes
86. killed someone: not yet, I have tried a couple times in elementary school
87. broken someone's heart: no one likes me I like my friends only (at least no one has confessed and 1/8th of the school hates me sooo...)
88. been arrested: not yet (cops never called on me XD)
89. (there was no #89 so I'm making my own) been kissed by someone out of your family (not necessarily lips): yes

Do I believe in:
90. Yourself: at times
91. miracles: eh, sometimes
92. Love @ first sight: no, it takes time to get to know each other and not like in some cheesy Disney movie.
93. Heaven: no
94. Santa Claus: If I don't then why am I a fan of ROTG?
95. Magic: Yes, If I didn't then my story would have never been made.

Answer Truthfully:
96. Someone I want to be with: I'm already with myself. I'm content with that, even if I talk in my room to myself and act weirdly.
97. happy with where I am in life: I don't really even know myself, so this question's for later.
98. happy with who I'm with: I like to hang out with myself; it happens a lot, anyways. (think about it like 2 souls stuck in 1 body). also, I         sometimes put myself in Chronolia's place in the story and I forget who I really am, which I like to do when I'm stressed.
99. Believe in multiverse: That's where the goddamn story takes place, so let me explain. So in the story, I call these areas "dimensions" and the one the story takes place in is the "regular world". There are 7 worlds in the story: RoT Dimension (main world that shit's gonna take place in), Mirror world (a mirror of the regular world), Spirit world (where more peaceful spirits and ones I spared from hell exist in the afterlife), Hell (cursed souls that cannot be fixed are sent there after death), the Nightmare Realm (demons live there), Dreamscape (a quiet area that is similar to Waterfall in undertale; it is calming and many rare and undiscovered crystals and plants exist there), and Reality Prime (the dimension where OUR real life happens, and I'm talking about my life, not Chronolia's adventurous one). Reality Prime is inaccessible by other "dimensions".
In each dimension, there are multiple timelines, and they are based off of a category and branched off into subcategories such as "RPGs" for games or "Sci-fi" for books and movies. Then these subcategories are split into if they are in a series or not, and then split into the games themselves and then the fan-made AUs branch out from there. These AUs will have endings based on what the characters in the timelines do. Also, in some such as Undertale, the AUs people make would then have their own separate branches off of the main game timeline and split into other branches.
If timelines fuse, there is a possibility of causing errors to other timelines, which would start to tear the timelines apart or "glitch them". When that happens, creatures from the VOID, or the space that separates dimensions, could possibly enter these dimensions and given a chance at life in the dimension they are in. VOID monsters are usually souls without bodies, and they are usually peaceful unless if agitated. They cannot be killed unless if they are in a dimension.
If dimensions fuse together, then they would create a huge imbalance in worlds. AKA insta-disaster.
100. I tag CuppieCakesDraws, dragon-roar, SkyAngelWings, my friend Aracely from school, and uh..... hey tell Noah that he has to do this for me ok, NyanToDaMax145?

Also sorry for that long as fuck explanation about dimensions up there. I just wanted to record it down. It WILL be canon to the story, so I recommend you read it a few times to understand the bullshit I spewed up there. 

*NOTE* this is a short journal asking for suggestions from people about reading my fanfic. dont like dont flame

1. How long should each book/chapter be?
2. Recommend some fandoms and I might add them in if I can gather enough info on them and if they fit in
3. If anyone would like to help, please give me some good writing tips!
4. If anyone eventually makes fanart anything related to this story, please tag it under #theriveroftime 
6. Any idea that would be unfit for the story will have its own oneshot story written for it

Fandoms that are already going to have part or affect a major part of the story are
.Skylanders (the whole series, video game, by Activision)
.One Piece (manga/anime, Eiichiro Oda)
.My Little Pony (cartoon, Hasbro and Lauren Faust)
.Gravity Falls (cartoon, Alex Hirsch)
.UNDERTALE (RPG computer game, Toby "radiation" Fox/Annoying dog)
.Five Nights at Freddy's (the whole franchise and book, horror game, Scott Cawthon)
.Vocaloid (IDFK)
.Spirit Animals (TOO MANY AUTHORS)
.YouTube (adding youtubers in)
.Attack on Titan (Shingeki no kyojin) *idk who made it*
.Rise of the Guardians (movie, Dreamworks)
.many head canons/ theories 
.Loads of fanfictions 
.Real life awkward situations (all comic relief, really)
.Multiple AUs
.Various OCs and characters from fangames

.Me being "Author" and giving extra info (XD)

*NOTE* This will all be written to my ideas of how stuff translates in my eyes; if you don't like it, just deal with it. If you are like one of the asshole-ish kids in my 5th period science class, then I will write my point of view in a one-shot or informational piece.

That is all so far. I appreciate any help given, and STAY WEIRD!

This will continuously be updated as more things come up.

Stop hating fnaf world and live with the fact that it exists, not complain about it!
I just got it today and I loved it (except when the attacks glitch and not work)
so im sorta half awake, and i wanna ask should i try to draw fnaf in the original style or continue my style(s) (imma guess the second choice)
Can anyone tell me about Scott Cawthon's copyright policy for Five Nights at Freddy's? I wanna make the animatronics when i grow up (i want to do a lot of things but will probably never get to them XD) though it would be nice if i can get permission for them in the future (THIS IS ALL JUST A DREAM 4 ME THO)
1. You have to post ALL the Rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
4. Choose 13 people. (I don't care about this rule)
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people. (bullshit)
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags. (moar bullshit...?)
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED. (lol plz don't tag me back XD)
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the entry.
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you. (Who cares? I'm not a person who tells someone to do something)
10. Be creative with the title. No " I got tagged" stuff. 

13 things
i am a fangirl
i like to piss people off
i am an experienced liar
i hate spammers
i hate dis thing
i wanna kill my bruh
im gonna tag Alice back
most cartoons are stupid in my opinion
i try to do my work at the last second
i judge art by creativity and skill
i am sort of dumb
i wanna see the FNaF movie that will come out sooner or later

ok the Q&A

1no I wanna draw like myself 
3 tick tock undertale original by sharax on YouTube 
5busted yes I am tired
11they weren't questions 
12uh ok I'll run now bye

im not tagging people except for alice(…)
my questions now!!!!
1 why tag me
2 what's ur fave ship
3 when does school start for u
4 can u pls not tag me cause I'm very tired ........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
5 do u want an annoying dog
6 can I tell u to search up random shit
7 what's ur fave food
8 ur fave fandom
9 ur least fave pairing 
10 almost over ur thoughts
11 temmie take over for the last questions
12 HOI tEm WaNT TeM FlAkes so hUngEr
13 HoW shud MemoRyvOiD character DesiGns be

Hi. so i recently have been receiving strange notes and i want to know if any type of flirting and/or sharing private information is supposedly allowed here. this is a public art website, but i am unsure about who to trust and what to trust. please give me some advice! QAQ
K the challenge thing found on Cuppiecakesdraws account
1. Current fandom(s): FNaF, MLP, Undertale, One Piece, Gravity Falls 
2. I'm meh in Creepypasta 
3. I use both mouse and tablet to draw
4. Idk favorite food, I'm ok with all
5. Welp I like sleeping, slacking off, browsing Internet, YouTube, and sketching
6. I can't draw poses
8. Coloring and SHADING :(
9. Because u tagged me >:(
10. Blue
11. One Piece fave manga, GF and MLP fave tv shows
12. Idk.... ;)
13. The same way jacksepticeye feels about billy lol XD


and because I did this, Cuppiecakesdraws u will draw FNaF cast in frilly princes dresses or those maid ones XDDDDXDXDXDXDDDD 

lol title

anyone that has requests can ask me lol
pls be sure i know it so my life is easier 
this is mostly for my friends cuppie and dragon-roar (i call her cherryberry XD)
Friend at school needed poem here are a few


Drip Drop
Morning dew fades out 
Droplet, it's end of the line 
falling crystal tear.

Gobble Gobble 
Flashes of feathers 
Brown, maroon, orange, and black 
The more, the better.

One by one they fall 
Juicy, crimson, little dots
A small feast for you!

Paint Palette 
Colors, paints dripping 
Splashing, mixing, and blending; 
What a work of art!

Rushing waters flow,
Smoothing rocks and dives over
A shimmering veil.

...-WRITER'S BLOCK :( -....

Last one sorry 

A calm scenery 
The tree branches hanging low, 
A veil to another world.
So, I'm making the au MemoryVoid. So it's still in progress, but Alice and I are working on  it.
You know GF season 2 episode 1 "Scary-oke", right? so the real reason the zombies got defeated: they can't sing. (lol this is my theory about it